Saturday, March 22, 2008

Searching For A Frugal RV Fridge Replacement

I found 2 potential mini-fridges on Craigs List for only $50. They would cost $150-$200 if I bought one new at Best Buy or Walmart. The smallest fridge at Walmart is $60+ but it is only 1.7 cu.ft. These 2 used ones are around 4 cu.ft. which will fit nicely in my RV. It is small enough so it won't take up a lot of room which is good because I certainly don't have a lot of extra room to spare. It is big enough to hold drinks and leftovers so it will be very handy. I will have to keep my mobile home fridge plugged in and us it for larger food items.

I had hoped to buy one of those used fridges today but neither person was home or responded to my email. Perhaps they were out of town for Easter. I have Monday off so maybe I can buy one then. It will be so nice to have cold food conveniently located in my RV again. I guess the expensive repairs to my existing RV fridge will have to wait until I am ready to sell it. Until then it will be great to use that empty fridge space as extra pantry space. At least I can put it to good use.

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