Sunday, February 3, 2008

Waiting for the Rain

The skies are cloudy, the wind is gusting but no rain yet. The weatherman says we'll get rain around 7 am tomorrow. Gee, just when I have to go to work. Maybe there will be snow like last year.

I am trying to sort through the bags that I hid in the closet yesterday. I haven't made much progress but any progress is good. I threw out some food that was in the fridge and I found some poplar tree cuttings that I was wintering in the fridge. I decided to plant them outside since it is almost spring. I wonder if they are still alive.

While I was out there I noticed the pressure tank rapidly leaking water. That was bad since there is no way to bypass it. I decided to try an emergency plumbing job by cutting the line to the tank and capping it so that the water would go directly from the pump to the RV. I didn't have a pvc cap to glue on to the end of the pipe that was the right size but I was able to find some other fittings. Luckily the old pipe glue was still good and after a few whacks with a hammer, I got the lid off. I glued and screwed all of the pieces together and let them dry. Later when I went to go take a picture of my handiwork I decided to test it to see if it would leak. Ahhh! It leaked terribly! The old piece of pipe that I found in the green house was cracked. Oh well. I guess I need to go to the hardware store and find a proper sized cap. Luckily that will only cost $1 or so plus my time and gas. It can be put off until next weekend.

Time to think about what to wear this week. I got a few new items at the thrift store last week but I am not sure I will actually wear them. They are tight short sweaters. Not really my style. I didn't think they would be so short. I don't like trying things on in the thrift store. I like to wash them and try them on in my own house. I consider the $1.50 each that I paid to be a donation so it comes out of that budget catagory. They will probably go back in to the donation bag very soon. I think I'll go try to make an outfit out of them. Maybe I can use layers so they aren't so short.

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