Monday, February 4, 2008

Another Fishy On The Line

Ok, they are "guests" not fishies but it kind of feels like fishing when I get inquiries but no rent checks. The lady that called today seemed to really want to rent the house for a week at the end of February. She would have rented it two more days but my current guests won't be out in time and then I need at least one day to clean it. I sent off the rental contract today so hopefully she will send a check. I really want to keep it rented as much as possible. Now that I have laundry facilities in my garage I am not as tempted to move back to the house. I still miss having trash service though. I'm going to have to be brave and go to the dump eventually.

The storm sent a lot of rain my way today but it was dropping frozen rain on my head when I got home so I didn't go check my water levels. My little heaters are working hard to bring the inside temp up. It's 56 inside. I have my jacket on. I don't want to take a shower yet, it's not warm enough. This month is going to be the worst for my budget. Since I pay the utilities for my guests at the house as well as the RV and this is the coldest month, I think I won't be doing any shopping this month if I can help it. I won't have any extra money. It's worth it though. I am still feeling very motivated toward my mortgage payoff goal.

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