Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sleepy Saturday

Yup, I slept in until almost 10 and it was very nice. I started off the day playing around with the ads on my blog but then I decided that I really should be outside. I checked the RV water tank and I used about 50 gallons last week. I definitely wasn't conserving water very well. That means that I will need at least 200 gallons per month. I have about 1000 gallons in my storage tanks so I can make it through the first week of July if it doesn't rain again. The summer rains start in July. There is a chance of rain at the end of this week and it should rain a few more times before the next dry-spell. I still need to watch my water use though. It is very easy to use a few more gallons with each shower and to leave the water running when I wash my hands. Having soft rainwater doesn't help when I am trying to get the soap off my hands or rinse my hair.

It took over an hour to fill up the RV water tank and fill up the other storage tank. The good thing is that there is room for around 100 gallons if it does rain. I removed my creative plumbing from last week.

I had cut the pipe to by-pass the defunct pressure tank and I added an elbow with an adjustable nozzle. There was a crack in the pipe though and it leaked so I took it off and added a screw-on cap.

The one I bought yesterday was the wrong one. I needed another adapter. Luckily I had one so I didn't have to go back to the store which is not close-by.

When I was getting the little pump out of the garage to transfer water I noticed that my trashcan, the one that I used to collect my wash water last week, was leaking badly.

I had another trashcan outside but it was halfway full of water so I scooped up that water in my watering can and dumped it in to my holding tank. Gee, who needs the gym? I get plenty of exersize aroung here. Hauling water makes me think of Little House on the Prairie. I don't know how they did it. Hauling water for family baths must have taken a very long time.

The plastic handle on the watering can has been eaten by the sun. I must remember not to buy anything plastic that will be outside. My plastic bucket cracked too. People worry about millions of plastic grocery bags in the landfills. Why don't they just let them sit in the sun for a while? They will dissintegrate in no time.

I hauled wash water to my little plants too. I planted a few bean seeds and sunflower seeds just to have something else to water. I probably shouldn't be planting more things that need water but I figure that I will have enough laundry water to sustain a few more plants.

After the water chores, I went searching for some tax info, the basis for a stock I sold and what I paid for my house so that I could depreciate it as a rental. I think I have all of the correct information now. I will owe $133 which isn't too bad. In the same storage room as my tax records were my superfluous blankets and sheets. I had a lot of trouble thinning out the pile. I decided to give away one blanket, one sheet set and the very ugly comforter that came with my RV.

I still have too many sheets but I like to use them as curtains, room dividers, doorway curtains, etc... Anyway, I still have a mountain of sheets.

After that I ate a banana split, washed my windshield and then went for a walk and said hi to the neighbors. The weather was very nice. My FOX channel wasn't coming in well but I noticed that Nascar was on so I climbed up on the roof and wiggled all of the connections for the antenna. It worked, at least for now. Gee, if I had thought of that last week I could have watched the Super Bowl. I guess I'm more of a race fan than a football fan. The only thing that I didn't do was clean out my pantry but the weekend isn't over yet.

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