Friday, February 8, 2008

Yea! I Love the Weekend!

My weekends aren't even that exciting but ANYTHING is more exciting that data entry. Maybe I am easily amused. I love sleeping in. I love eating when I want to instead of at the pre-determined 'lunch time'. I love being able to eat whatever I want without people commenting on how I eat or what I eat. I often take seperate items of food and put them together at work instead of making individual meals. There are fewer containers to wash that way but my co-workers think that is strange. I love being able to take a nap or watch TV or surf the net or go to the store without asking permission. One of my goals, after I pay off my house, is to quit my 9-5 job and start my own business so that I can work when I am inspired (and nap when I'm not). I know it's not that free and easy to be self-employed but I just want a little more freedom.

This weekend I hope to...sort my sheets and give away the ones that are the wrong size ( I don't have a twin or full size bed anymore but I still have the sheets), donate the big bag of clothes that is taking up space at the end of my bed, fix the bad plumbing job that I did last week (I stopped by the hardware store and bought a proper pvc cap on the way home), organize my mini pantry (pictured above) because I have more food sitting on the counter and I just don't have have any counter space to spare, and wash the windshield of my car. It is filthy but I never notice it until I am driving in to the sun like early in the morning when I am rushing off to work. There are plenty of other chores to do but if I have too many things on my list I will just take a nap. Oh, I want to go for a walk too. The weather will be in the 70's! (Sorry to all the snowbound people. You can come to Arizona if you want. There is enough sun for everyone.)

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