Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hobbies Are My Weakness- Bought My Own Domain Name

I've been doing pretty well sticking to my budget so far. Ok, so I've only been following my new budget for one month. Today I spent a little bit of money on my blogging hobby. I bought a domain name. That's right. I bought for one year. It cost $17. The domain only cost $9 but then they used scare tactics and say that if I didn't pay $8 to keep my information private I would be hounded by spam and identity thieves. I couldn't let that happen!

I haven't quite figured out how to redirect the blog to that address. I think I followed all of the instructions but I have to wait until the host updates their info or something like that. I tried switching it before I read all of the instructions and almost had a heart attack when my blog disappeared and all I saw was a parked web page with ads. I thought I had lost my whole blog! I was able to switch it back, whew. I'll try it again later.

The reason I wanted to buy a dot com web address was because my company blocked the dot blogspot sites. I thought that other people might not be able to see my site either. I think that a plain dot com address won't be blocked. I don't know if it will make a difference but I thought it was worth $17 to try it for a year. One good thing about this hobby is that I am learning about computers, code, advertising, writing, etc.... Learning new things is always easier when I am doing something fun.


RICH said...

I followed a link from Get Rich Slowly (just so you know I'm not a spammer or salesman). I also use blogger, and I publish several blogs, including a moneyblog at
I really recommend using 1and1 to buy your domain name. They are really cheap, but very reliable. And it's easy to continue to use blogger and link it with your new URL. It costs me less than $6/year for a domain name. Hope that helps save you a few bucks! -Rich.

Daizy said...

Thanks for the tip. I should have done more research before I took the plunge. I bought one name from Yahoo with their special first timer price. Unfortunately I bought a useless name: (stands for Quit Your Job, Find Your Passion) and then I read that my name should have key search words in it. Oops. Then I bought from Godaddy. I can't figure out how to transfer it over yet. I did what blogger said to do. I'll wait one more day before calling Godaddy for help.