Friday, February 1, 2008


Yesterday my modem wouldn't pick up any DSL signal. I tried it outside my RV and in my mobile home but no luck so after using 17 precious cell phone minutes, Qwest agreed to send someone out. I thought they said they would be out here on Saturday so I sent my mom a little blog post to put on my site for me. Well, when I got home tonight my DSL light was back on. I couldn't tell if a repair person had been here so I called Qwest just in case I needed to cancel the service call. It took another 10 precious cell phone minutes for her to tell me that the repairman had already been out so there wasn't anything to cancel. I am delighted to be back on-line. I am glad Qwest was able to fix it so quickly, the only annoying thing was how slow the customer service people were. First I was on hold listening to a voice tell me how wonderful Qwest high-speed internet is (well, it would be if I could connect to it) and then the voice told me over and over how quick it would be if I used their on-line repair ticket system (I would if I could GET ON-LINE!) Then I had to patiently listen while the customer service person told me to turn my modem off and on and make sure my phones have filters (I don't have any phones). I hope I don't have anymore internet problems for a while.

I am glad that it wasn't my Ebay modem that was the problem. I have to admit that I did "gently" shake it a little just in case it would help. Luckily I didn't beat it up.

So, Mom, you don't have to post that update for me, thanks anyway!

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