Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Back To Being Trailer Trash

And it's a good thing! At least I think. I found some people that want to rent my house and they want to move in Friday! Eek! Not only do I have to take everything out to my RV that I brought to the house last Sunday, I need to remove anything breakable or unneccessary like knick-knacks, pictures, small kitchen appliances etc... because they have a lot of their own stuff. How am I going to do this!!!

The to-do lists in my head are completely mixed up. I need to prioritize. #1 Get their money Thursday and make sure the check clears on Friday, even if it means going to the bank on my lunch hour. #2 Get boxes from work and pack knick-knacks and put them in the garage. Tomorrow I have to meet them at the house to get the check. I can take one load of stuff out on Friday while they are moving stuff in. I'll have to come back on Saturday and get the rest because it will take at least 2 trips and I don't have enough time after work before it gets dark. And it gets VERY dark out at my RV.

I am a little disappointed that I don't get another trash day at my house. No, I am a lot disappointed. I was looking forward to getting rid of all of my trash. I wish these people could give me another week. Oh well. The money that I get should pay for lots of trips to the dump. It's just a little inconvenient.

I am getting $1500 a month for my furnished house with utilities included. That might have been a bad idea. I will have EIGHT people living in the house. I dread the summer electric bill. Hopefully $1500 will cover it. $900 will pay for the mortgage and extra insurance and property tax. Hopefully $600 will cover utilities and wear and tear.

They said that they could stay for 5 years if I wanted them to but I have my seasonal renters who already gave me a deposit for next Jan/Feb so I think I should honor that agreement. I might be so sick of living in my RV that I want to move back to my house by then. Ok, I'm wasting time. I need to pack!

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