Saturday, January 5, 2008

Was That A Vacation?

Ok, I made it back home yesterday. I was supposed to be back on last Tuesday and then work for the rest of the week but just as I was about to leave I came down with the stomach flu. I thought I had avoided it but I didn't escape and I had to postpone my flight until Friday. That cost me a fee of course and I will probably have to use more vacation days.

It was a nice trip (except for the stomach flu) but I am glad to be home. My house guests left the house neat and I only had to clean a little bit before I settled back in. I have been doing laundry for a day and a half now and I think I am almost finished. Washing all of the sheets and towels takes a long time. I only have 2 weeks at my house before my next guests arrive although I haven't received the rent money from my next guests so I wonder if they are still coming. I need to set up some advertising for the house again. Maybe I will do that tomorrow.

I was able to make my first extra payment on my mortgage today. It won't be processed until Wednesday which means I will have to pay a few more dollars in interest but it is the best I can do since I was sick this week. One month down! 3 years and 11 months left of my mortgage payment plan. Now I have to live within my severely shrunken budget. No extras this month!

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