Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Couldn't Resist

Hello! I have stolen a few minutes on my parent's computer while they are wrapping presents and my brothers (actually my nephews adopted by my parents which makes them my brothers now, ages 8 and 10) are watching football.

Let's see, last Thursday I took the last of my stuff, food and computer out to my RV. I had my lunches planned out to last until Friday. Then someone suggested the whole office go out to lunch together. I was actually a little annoyed but I thought I should be social. So I froze my extra lunch, gave half of a head of lettuce to a co-worker, and spend $12 on lunch with the group. I ordered a pizza which was huge and then I proceeded to eat the entire thing because I knew I couldn't take it home. What a pig!

Friday evening was spent scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen. And getting updates from my sister on the health of her kids. First the baby was sick. By 5pm 3 kids had the stomach flu. The next day 5 of them had it. My sister has 7 kids so it will take a while for everyone to get over the flu. I was very disappointed because my sister and I had planned a special shopping trip in Spokane when she picked me up from the airport. Luckily I could still go to my parents' house so I didn't postpone my flight.

On Saturday I got up, did 2 final loads of laundry, made up the bed all pretty with the special guest comforter and pillows, set the electronic door codes and headed out to the airport. Then I found out that all of the cheap parking lots were full and I had to park in the $4 lot (ok, that is still cheap to many of you). The flight was good, ExpressJet has a new direct flight to Spokane. They actually gave us food. Well, it looked like food. It didn't taste that great and later that night it came back to haunt me.

The snow is pretty but the roads are a little slippery and it makes me nervous. I am not eager to move up here anytime soon. We dropped juice, gatorade and other things off for the sick house, outside the door. The kids are recovering but my sister and her husband have the stomach flu now. I don't think I am going to be able to go there for Christmas. Maybe I'll hit the Walmart after-Christmas sales to find my sister's gifts. She is the last one I have to shop for. We tried really hard not to have another Walmart Christmas this year but its not going to work this time. Maybe next year!

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Edi said...

I just read your "about me" page and wanted to tell you - it is possible to travel, enjoy life and not be dependent upon a full-time job. You can be debt free and live off your wisely invested savings.

Though I am not single, we are a single income family w/2 kids - and we are making it happen.

Through some wise early choices: being frugal from the start of our marriage, getting the small amount of personal debt I had coming into the marriage paid off right away, bought used cars with cash, bought a small, inexpensive (but just right for our small family) house that we paid off within a few years, not paying retail prices on things (buying used), and lastly - wisely investing our savings each month.

We are less than 40 yrs old - so it's not like all this will take "forever" to happen.

So many people want things right now (have the fun thing now rather than invest and save for the future b/c the future seems so far off).