Tuesday, January 22, 2008


If you are reading this, my mother has successfully posted this on my blog!

Don’t worry, I am still alive! I just forgot one very important thing when I moved out to my RV…a MODEM for my computer! I thought I had one because I had 3 of them last year but I guess I sent 2 of them back to Qwest. My only modem is at my rental house so I am stuck. I didn’t notice it was missing until Sunday evening when I tried to connect my computer. I have done a little research at work and found that I can either order the modem through Walmart.com which takes 7-10 days or buy it from Qwest, who put me on hold and told me to call back Tues.-Fri. instead of Monday. I want the wireless modem router combo for around $100 although I am not willing to pay $100. The modem alone costs $60 + tax and Walmart didn’t have any in stock. I checked craigslist.com but the only recent posts were for cable modems. A co-worker gave me an old modem he had but it didn’t work. Now I am trying to win one on ebay which will take 2 days to win the auction and 5-7 days for shipping. Ahhh! I should have thought of this sooner but I was preoccupied with moving and cleaning. I hate that I am paying for internet but I can’t use it.

Anyway, just wanted you all to know I was trying really hard to get back online!

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