Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I’m still disconnected so my Mom is posting this for me again. (Thanks Mom!) I was outbid at the last minute for a wireless modem/router on ebay. I saw another one for $20 with the Buy It Now option so I didn’t bid on the first one over the Buy It Now price for the second although the second one did not come with a power cord. I knew that power cords cost around $14 since one of my guests walked off with mine last year. I added that to the price I was willing to pay but I still lost the first auction. That was ok because I bought the one without the power cord. I’ll just have to buy one when I go get more phone line. My old phone line connectors corroded and need to be replaced. Nature certainly is harsh on anything that is made of plastic(dry rot from sun), metal(corrosion) or wood (termites). Maybe I should build my next house out of bricks.

It will still take about a week for my modem to arrive so I will be internet-less for a little bit longer. My computer is not wireless compatible but I am hoping that my guests can use the wireless modem/router and I can trade them for the old modem at the house. I believe I could plug in to the back of the wireless modem also but I mainly wanted it as an upgrade for my rental house. It costs $100 brand new from Qwest so I am happy with my ebay price of $20+$8shipping+$14 power cord=$42. My guests arrived early and paid me $100 for early check in so I have the money. Of course, now my water pressure tank looks like it might be rusted. Hmm, new tank $140. I’m still a little short but once I get the internet again I can sell some of my stuff and make up the difference.

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