Saturday, January 19, 2008

Slow Saturday

I slept in until 9:30 this morning. I woke up earlier with a sinus headache and tried to go back to sleep in the hope that it would go away but no luck. So I got up, took a sinus pill and surfed the net while watching morning cartoons. Now my headache is gone and I don't have any more reasons to put off my chores for the day. I need to start loading up the truck. Of course it is almost 11 and since I didn't eat breakfast, I am hungry. Now, should I eat breakfast or lunch? Oh, I have such important decisions to make. I think I want lunch. I am not interested in raisin bran or toast which is all that I have for breakfast.

That reminds me, I need to go through my cabinets and take out any food that isn't for my guests. I think I only need to leave them coffe and tea. They usually don't eat the other food anyway. They buy there own food. That is good because I don't have much food right now. At least I will have a couple of boxes of noodle roni to eat until I go grocery shopping again.

Ok, no more procrastinating. I have a lot to do and only 2 days to do it.

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