Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lazy, Rainy Sunday

I should be organizing but I am surfing the net instead. It is raining so carrying my stuff back and forth between the RV and mobile home is not really appealing right now. I went out this morning and chipped off some of the rust on my pressure tank, applied some shampoo to locate the leaks and attempted to stick some steel epoxy putty to the holes. It didn't work. I think I need to file off more of the rust and clean the area better. I also tried to put more air in the tank with a bicycle pump but that didn't work either. My efforts to locate a cheaper tank than the one at Home Depot have not panned out. It will cost at least $140+tax to replace the tank plus plumbing supplies. The $140 tank is only 42 gallons and the one I have is 80 gallons. If I want to replace it with the same size tank it will cost over $200.

I had the bright idea that maybe I would get a tax refund this year to cover the cost of these repairs. I had some doubts since I had rental income and I sold a mutual fund. I put in as much tax info as I currently have in to H&R Block's program. It is free through the IRS website if you make under $54,000. So far I owe between $300-$600. Bummer. Hopefully that will be covered by a refund from the state but I am not sure yet. Maybe I will owe money to the state as well. I hope not. I haven't budgeted for that.

Well, time to go take a super-quick shower so I can turn the pump off before it gets dark.

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