Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm Reconnected!

Yea! The modem that I bought from ebay arrived on Friday. I thought that I might have a power cord to fit it but all of mine were too large so I couldn't try it out last night. Today I spent most of the day looking for a power cord or adapters. The first place I looked was the thrift store but they only had power cords with the large ends. Then I went to Ace Hardware and they only sold the power cord and adapter kit together. I bought it anyway because I wasn't sure if anyone sold the adapters separately. I also bought 100 feet of phone line because the phone line to my RV corroded. And for my leaking pressure tank I bought some steel epoxy putty in an attempt to patch my rusty hole. I will try that tomorrow.

Next I went looking for a Radio Shack just to see if they sold adapters. I couldn't find the store but I did find a Home Depot and decided to stop in to see if pressure tanks were on sale. Turns out they don't even stock them anymore. The clerk suggested a local plumbing shop but when I called them they didn't have any either. Looks like I will have to order one on-line if my 'putty patch plan' fails. I did pick up a dryer outlet and maybe I can persuade someone with electrical intelligence to help me hook it up.

On the way out of the Home Depot parking lot I spotted Radio Shack on the wrong side of the road, of course. Left turn, U turn, right turn and I was back looking for adapters. Radio Shack did sell the adapters separately but they cost as much as the power cord set the I bought from Ace. Oh well. Then it was off to Big Lots who has stopped stocking my cats favorite unscented litter much to my chagrin. She ignores her litter box preferring instead newspaper behind the chair. As long as she doesn't start using the carpet I guess I am OK with it. I bought some food items and then continued on to Safeway where I went a little crazy as usual -$101. It is the end of the month and I had almost totally run out of any protein, vegetables or fruit. The high cost items were a bag of chicken breasts $10, cat food $8, heartburn tablets $8, milk, eggs, cheese and ice cream $20. I also bought soup, chili and other pantry items which I can't fit in to the pantry because I didn't clean it out yet.

Here's what my RV looks like now. This is an improvement from last week when there were more bags on the floor and my two giant suitcases were in front of the fridge.

I want all the clutter gone! I am slowly sorting the things that I use from the things that I only use occasionally. Those occasional things go out to the mobile home. Later I will have to sort the mobile home but for now I just like making them 'disappear' in to storage.

Anyway, I hooked up the new phone line, plugged in the modem with the new power cord and dragged my computer back in to the RV from the mobile home. I turned it all on and I was re-connected! It is wonderful. Now I can procrastinate and surf the internet instead of cleaning and de-cluttering. Just kidding. But at least I will have something else to do when my 6 TV channels are uninteresting, besides read a book of course, practice guitar, make crafts, de-cluttering...

Thanks again Mom for publishing my posts while I was out! You did great!

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