Friday, January 25, 2008

I'll try this again

Still disconnected. No sign of my new modem. I’m very glad it is Friday and the work-day is almost over. It will be nice to get settled in my RV. My co-workers decided to go to Taco Bell for lunch, my favorite. I couldn’t resist since I only had ramen noodles for lunch. (the mac and cheese I was going to make had bugs in it…eeew) We got it to go so I didn’t buy a drink and was able to get lunch for under $4. I could have spent less but I wanted to be full so that I wouldn’t be hungry for dinner. I am going to put off grocery shopping until tomorrow so that I can do all of my errands at one time.

I was hoping to put off buying a $150 pressure tank but one of the guys at work told me that I would wear out the pump making it turn on and off all the time. I guess I don’t want the pump to die. That would cost another $250. My boss said he would come out one weekend and help me hook it up. That is nice but I can probably figure it out myself. I might need some extra muscle though.

Tomorrow’s errands include Safeway, Big Lots, maybe the thrift store, maybe Radio Shack for a power cord and maybe Home Depot if I go that far away. Oh, and maybe the library to use the internet while I am in town. I also want to move the clutter out of my RV and in to my mobile home (in an organized manner), throw away some things (which have to be stored until I go to the dump), go through my closet for things to give away, and clean out the pantry (it is full but somehow there is nothing to eat!)

Hopefully next week my modem will arrive and I can go back to posting from home.

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