Monday, January 28, 2008

Water Envy

When I came home today I saw an interesting sight. Well, interesting to me anyway. My neighbors are having a well dug. I am a little jealous. I know a well costs about $35,000 but the thought of a dependable water supply seems so nice right now. But I want a house also so I will wait a little longer until I can afford both a home and a well.

Last night after I wrote my post, I decided to try out my RV water pump in an attempt to get around paying over $150 for a new pressure tank. Before, I was hooked to my own water system which consisted of a tank, pump and pressure tank with a hose to my RV where city water would usually hook up. I filled up my holding tank (another 40 gallons of water storage, yea!)and tried out the pump. It worked but it cycled on and off constantly. I didn't have much hopes for its performance when I came home tonight and took a shower. Much to my surprise, it did a great job with the water pressure and when I shut off the shower, the pump shut off and stayed off! Now I am confused. Maybe the pump was just stuck because I had only tried it for very brief periods just to wash my hands, so then when it ran for 5 minutes it reset itself. Well, that's my theory anyway. It still sounds like a growling lion but as long as it works I don't mind the noise.

My boss was going to help me hook up my new pressure tank. Since I am not going to spend the money yet I said he could come out and give me advice on the many, many other projects that need attention. Maybe he will help me hook up my washer and dryer. That would be wonderful. Then I would have all of the comforts of home. Except an attached garage with an automatic door opener, inside laundry, a fenced yard...well, almost all of the comforts of home.

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