Friday, December 14, 2007

What To Do With My Short Term Savings

I was reading this article, Where Should You Put Your Cash on the My $3,000 from the mutual fund that I sold arrived in my Paypal account today. Paypal is only paying 4.6% interest at the moment and that could go down or up at any moment. My other choice would be to open a few $1,000 certificates of deposit with my credit union. They are offering 5.1% for 7 months. I have a total of $7,000 in the bank. $4,000 for the trip with my mother, whenever that will be, and $3,000 for an emergency fund. $3,000 would support me for 4 months without my house and only 2 months with my house.

I think I could safely put $4,000 in to CDs. Perhaps if I put $1,000 in every other month my money would still be available but not too available that I would be tempted to use it for something. In the meantime it can stay in Paypal. 4.6% is still a good interest rate right now.

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