Thursday, December 13, 2007

Making the Weekend To-Do List

So many little things to do before I go on vacation. I need to move my stuff out on Saturday except for a suitcase of essentials, a few outfits for work, a little bit of food and my computer. Then I need to do some cleaning, mop the floor, sweep the garage, dust and clean the fridge. I need to decide when my last day will be in the house so that I can set it up for my guests which means cleaning the bathroom, changing the door locks and vacuuming myself out the door to erase my footprints. I think my last computer day will be Wednesday. I'm not going to connect the internet at my RV until mid-January when my other guests arrive. After they move in I will plan to be out at my RV full time and I will start up the internet so I can have some entertainment out there in the wild desert with my 6 TV channels (less when it's windy). The internet is a much better way to spend my money since I can sell things on ebay, research stuff, read blogs, communicate with people, pay bills etc...I can't do that with TV. I should be doing more productive things than watching TV anyway. I will have plenty of projects to do out there like installing motion lights and trying to keep my water from freezing. I am excited about the next few months. This is the beginning of my grand mortgage 4 year payoff scheme. Some might think living in an RV sounds like deprivation but to me it's an adventure!

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