Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cleaning Out the Fridge

This weekend is moving day again so it is time to eat all of my food or else haul it to my RV. I don't really have a lot of main dishes left. I do have one polish sausage and some chicken. Other than that it's mostly soda, condiments, bread and a few fruits and vegetables. It would probably be a good idea to eat all of the ice cream. I wouldn't want it to get covered in ice crystals while I'm on vacation. My guests are only staying for a week so I can leave some non-perishable food behind like soda and bottled water. Those things are heavy and tiresome to carry. My guests usually appreciate the food I leave behind although they rarely eat it which is fine with me. I'm not going to leave as much this time. It's time to eat the bisquick, it's getting a little old. I really do hate moving back and forth to my RV. I sure do hope I can get some long term renters. I have to get those renters so I can pay my mortgage off early.

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