Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How the Garden Has Grown

Here's the picture of my little yard last year. I added the blue pots to fill in the space between the small shrubs.

Here is my yard now, a year later. I think it is almost time to remove the pots. They were only plastic tubs not meant for plants. The sun has deteriorated them a lot. If I can remove the pots I can save a lot of water. The plants in the ground are mostly drought tolerant and with the shade from the other plants might actually make it through the year with only an occasional watering.

Of course, if the house is rented out I will have to rely on my tenant to keep the shrubs alive. That might be expecting too much.

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Anonymous said...

I love gardens! Thanks for sharing your garden photos. I work a lot on mine as well -- one of my passions!

Btw, why are links turned off on your comments? I'd love to link back to my site (and I used to be able to do this on blogger) but now it doesn't seem to be allowed....