Monday, December 10, 2007

Rude Awakening: Annoying Text Message Spam

I was sleeping soundly early this morning when I heard my phone beep. It wasn't the usual ring, it was the beep that means I have a message. I picked up the phone and looked at the clock...2am! I studied my phone since I wasn't quite awake, and saw it was a text message. I hardly ever get text messages. I scrolled through the message and was quite annoyed to find out it was an advertisement! I couldn't believe it. How dare they send me a text message in the middle of the night while I am trying to sleep! I finally went back to sleep and then I heard it again. 4:30am another text message advertisement. I was so mad. This is my only phone. I don't want to turn it off at night. I shouldn't have to. Plus, these text messages could cost me money and use up my minutes.

Well, the first thing I did when I got to work was search the internet for text message spam. Then I found out that text message spam is illegal Of course, that doesn't stop people from doing it. Then I found an article at that said I could block spam if I called my cell phone provider or changed my preferences on-line. I have Verizon so I logged on to my account and eventually found where I could block text messages that are sent from the internet, where spam usually comes from.

I also called Verizon to make sure I wasn't being charged for spam. The lady was very nice and offered to take the text messages off my bill but then she noticed that I do have a 100 minute text message plan so I wouldn't be charged anyway. I didn't even know I had it because I never use text messaging. Anyway, I hope that worked to block them. If it doesn't work I will block all text messages but I hate to do that because occasionally my sister will leave her phone number instead of a voice message and she wouldn't be able to do that anymore. This has definitely been educational. Now I hope I get a peaceful, spam-free nights sleep tonight.

PS. Just as I was about to post this the electricity went out for an hour. Luckily I had some flashlights and candles handy but there isn't much to do in the dark. After doing the dishes by candlelight and talking on the phone, I tried to go to sleep but 7pm was way too early. Then the power came back on so here I am, back on the computer!


Ed said...

I'm curious as to how they received your number. I've never received txt message spam, but I can certainly see what a huge pain in might be!

Daizy said...

I read this on"deliberately sent the messages to at least 90,000 cell phone users by converting their AT&T Wireless phone numbers to email addresses (by appending "" to the end) and programming their computers to send the messages automatically." I suppose they got my number randomly although I am a little worried that they got it from the internet. So many sites ask for my phone number when I register when buying online.