Sunday, December 9, 2007

Shopping, Errands and Chores

I really didn't have anything planned today. I was just going to relax. Then I remembered that my library books were due, and I got my mutual fund check from the account that I closed so I needed to drop it off at the bank, and then I decided that if I was going in that direction I should stop by Lowe's and buy a solar motion light. My parents are buying it for me for Christmas but I am buying it here so that I don't have to carry it back from Washington. Since I was at Lowe's I bought air filters for the AC/furnace. I always hate buying those. It costs $20 for 2 but they each last 3 months so I guess it is only a little over $3 per month. I also bought some pipe insulation in an attempt to keep my water hose from freezing this year. And while I was looking at the motion lights I saw a screw-in motion light adapter for $25. I bought it because I need more light out there by my RV. I could have bought a cheaper one if I was willing to try some basic wiring. I'm just not ready for that yet. I don't like ladders or electricity so if I have to re-wire something while standing on a ladder, I will pay a little more so that I don't have to.

After I ran my errands I gathered up as much stuff around the house that I wouldn't need in the next week, canned food, short sleeved shirts, arts and craft supplies and loaded up my truck. Once at my RV I decided to try to hook up my new motion lights. The solar motion light needs 4 days to charge its battery so I could only put it outside for now. For the other one, I screwed in the motion light adapter but there is a cone shaped metal shade on the outside light so the cord that runs to the motion sensor is very close to the light bulb. The light bulb gets too hot for me to trust it so I thought I could use a compact florescent since they are much cooler. I looked on the CF bulb packaging when I got home but it said the bulbs had to be in an enclosed fixture if used outside. Well, I need a new light out there anyway but that is going to involve ladders and electricity. I could have just bought a regular motion light if I knew I was going to have to replace the light anyway. Oh well. Maybe I can find a good deal on a used light at the Habitat store.

I put the pipe insulation around my water hose and covered the water filter in plastic bags and duct tape. I don't know if that will work. I hope so. I checked my RV fridge that I had turned on yesterday. The temp was at 15 degrees! I turned it to the warmest setting and left the door open until the temp rose to 32. I don't think I heard the fridge go on while the door was open so maybe that was a good sign. There isn't any food in the fridge yet. Luckily I removed the grape soda yesterday, just in case.

When I came home I was still in a chore mood. I backed my truck up close to the house and stood in the back while I touched up the paint on the house trim. I only dripped on my truck once. Then I touched up the interior walls. The paint can was really rusty and bent so I fished a glass jar out of the recycle bin and poured the paint in there.

Only a few things left on my list now. I still haven't finished cleaning the guest bathroom or vacuumed the empty bedrooms. I should go do that right now so I can stop thinking about it.

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