Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shuffling Stuff

I thought up a plan this morning as I lay in my warm, snuggly bed. I decided to try to stay in my house until Saturday when I leave on vacation. Originally, I was going to move in to my RV Thursday and Friday so that I could clean and get the house ready without living there. But now, I don't want to deal with the cold showers and dirt roads if my house isn't occupied yet. So, in order to make this work, I moved out every non-essential thing to my RV but I brought back everything that I will be taking on my trip. I am taking two big suitcases so it seemed like I was bringing back as much as I was taking out. I will still have to make one last trip to my RV to take my computer and the last of my food on Thursday after work. That will give me Friday night to clean and Saturday morning to make sure everything is set up for my guests. I will have to put anything that I am not bringing with me in my car but that should be ok. I suppose it won't hurt my clothes to be stuffed in a trash bag on my back seat for a week.

I took some pictures out at my RV/mobile home today while I was shuffling things around and doing some chores.

This is my sad little strawberry plant and a bird of paradise plant. Last year I put the strawberry indoors for the winter but I don't want to do that this year so I hope it will survive in the greenhouse. The bad thing is that it won't get rained on in here so I have to remember to water it.

This is my water hose and filter that I wrapped up last weekend. Good thing I did too, it dipped below freezing last night. (I know you people who are fighting snow and ice think I'm spoiled!)

This is my 500 gallon water tank. It collects water off of the garage roof. It's full right now which makes me happy :)

This is the kiddy pool that was my strawberry's home over the summer. The critters and the heat got to the other plants that I was trying to grow, a tomato, onions, watermelon and beans. Next year will be better.

This is the motion light adapter that I hooked up to the light outside the mobile home. I can't turn it on though because the cord is too close to the hot light bulb. One of my future weekend projects will be to fix this situation.

This is my cactus privacy screen which isn't looking so good after a dry winter and then some rain which made it swell up and topple over.

And this is my new solar motion light that I put on my RV roof. It has been charging all week and it seems to work. I didn't stick around to see it in the dark. I am very glad to have it though. Thanks Mom and Dad for the Christmas present! When I drop my computer off later in the week I can see it in action.

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