Sunday, December 16, 2007

Crossing the Chores Off One By One

Only 3 or 4 more computer days left. I don't know if I will have time to post something on Thursday and make it out to my RV before dark. I will probably have to disconnect the computer Wednesday night and put it in the garage so that I can just swing by after work, load it up and head out. Or maybe I'll put it in the car Wednesday night so that I don't have to stop by the house at all. That would probably be easier. Ok, so only 3 more computer days left!

I managed to do a few things that have been stuck on my to-do list for months like sweep the garage and back patio, dust the living room and bedroom (last time I did that was when my last guests were here in October), trim the over-grown shrubs, pick the trash out of the bushes, clean the bathroom floor (especially behind the toilet), change to heater filter, and take out all the trash and recycling. The trash pick-up is tomorrow, Monday, so I will have to take whatever trash I generate with me next Saturday. Hopefully nothing will be smelly because it is going to sit in my car for a week along with my other belongings.

I saw this sunset tonight as I was taking out the trash so I had to get my camera and take a picture. My house backs up to a softball field and you can see the stadium lights in the picture. It is quite bright when they are all on. I call them my yard lights. They are usually off by 10 so it isn't too bad.

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