Monday, December 17, 2007

My Stock Dividends-Free Gum!

Wrigley's is my favorite stock. I don't say this because of its value or company outlook. I am not trying to encourage other people to buy it to raise the price. I am merely stating a fact. They give me free gum every year thus they are my favorite stock. I guess I am easily swayed. I don't even like gum that much. I still have gum from last year, some Citrus-mint stuff. This year they gave out their newest gum called "5". I lost a pack in the car and the next day my car reeked of spearmint. It's strong stuff.

Anyway, Wrigley's gives out packs of gum to its shareholders every December. I found this out from my sister who owned stock and she gave me one share for Christmas one year. Now I get free gum every year and I get to watch my little stock go up (and down) and earn dividends which get reinvested. Eventually I will have 2 shares. After my house is paid off I would like to put a little bit more money in to my "pet stocks" as I call them. I have a few shares from about 10 companies that I bought when I got my first job. Wrigley's is my favorite though. None of my other stocks give me free gum!

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