Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dec. 1st...Time For Christmas Parties

We had our company Christmas dinner tonight. It was at a nice restaurant. I didn't realize I was sitting by the fireplace until they lit it. Then I was sweating when it was up and cold when it was turned down. There seemed to be no happy medium. The food was good. I had chicken and mac and cheese. I really just wanted the mac and cheese. I should have brought the chicken home for later but I didn't even think about it. I just ate it all and now I am totally stuffed. Too stuffed to go to bed. Maybe I should run around the house a couple of times.

I got my airbrush out of storage and hooked it up to my new compressor. The airbrush was a little bit dirty since I hadn't used it in about 14 years. I took it apart and cleaned it as best as I could. Then I taped some pictures of finished flames on to my garage wall and started airbrushing right on my wall. It was fun. What good is home ownership if you can't write on your own walls? I did a red layer and an orange layer, then my airbrush stopped working in the middle of the yellow layer. I took it apart and put in back together, and then did it again, and again. I think I took it apart about 5 times before I realized that I wasn't putting it back together correctly. Finally I figured out what I was doing wrong but I couldn't finish my flames because I had to get ready for dinner. Hopefully I can finish them tomorrow.

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