Friday, November 30, 2007

End of the Month Budget Tally

Yea! By going to the library instead of buying books, staying out of the grocery store, and resisting the temptation to order pizza, I have $300 left over this month from November's budget. Starting in January, I am revising my budget so that $400 comes off the top and goes to pay off my mortgage so I won't have such a large sum left over at the end of each month. Last month I spend $130 on that bead class so I would have had $400 this month but I am not starting my mortgage payoff plan until January so it doesn't matter yet. I think I will put that $300 in my miscellaneous fund. I used to have a separate fund for travel, car maintenance, dentist, doctor, etc...but now I think I will put it all together.

I have one more month-December-to save money for my miscellaneous fund. After that the budget will be quite tight until I can rent out the house long term. I will be paying the house utilities and my RV utilities so that will take almost all of my money. It will be a challenge but then its not fun unless its a challenge.

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