Thursday, November 29, 2007

An Early Christmas Present

One of my coworkers has a husband that owns a motorcycle. He has seen some of my doodles on my wipe-off board and has decided that I should paint realistic flames on to the gas tank of his bike. He is very enthusiastic about it and is sure that I can do it. So sure that today they bought me a $60 air compressor!

Well, I will try my hardest to make realistic flames but really, I haven't done any air brushing since I took a class in, gosh when was that, 1993? I asked for an air brush for Christmas that year and everyone pooled there money and got me a gift certificate so that I could pick the one I wanted. It was funny because I really didn't have any other gifts. Just a gift certificate. And the store was closed of course. I had to amuse myself by eating candy. After that I only used the air brush once when I hooked it up to my dad's air compressor. Then it just stayed in the box because buying an air compressor hasn't been high on my priority list. It is one of my many art supplies that I should be using to make extra money. Maybe I will be able to do it and then I can earn extra money to pay off my mortgage faster! I wonder if I have to give the compressor back if I can't do flames. I hope not. If I think a little longer I might figure out how to air brush something to sell at the craft fair. I don't know what yet. I'm sure I can think of something great. I'll definitely be trying it out this weekend.

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