Sunday, November 11, 2007

Since When Did Clothes Get So...Um...Ugly?

Yesterday I roamed the mall looking for a little girl's dress. It had to be pink or red, long sleeved, not too flimsy and not too short. I couldn't find anything! I went to Sears, JC Pennys, Mervyns, Dillards and Macys! They all had the same styles. Most of them were either tank top dresses or red velvet with white fur trim that looked like Santa's helpers. And what is with the 70's patterns? Paisley, large art deco floral patterns? Pink and brown??? I have been shopping at thrift stores for the past couple of years. I thought that the clothes there were kind of hideous but the $3 price tag made them almost OK. Little did I know that most people are paying $30 and up for the same ugly shirts at the department stores! I am appalled.

Today I went to Kohls and I did find one girl's dress that met my standards. It had long sleeves, it was black and red and the length wasn't too short. It was on sale for $41, down from $65. It was made in China but I was desperate. Finding a dress made in the US would have taken much longer and would have cost a whole lot more. I should really learn how to sew.

I was drawn toward the 70-90% off racks and I thoroughly searched for anything that I could wear to work. I picked up 3 things but ended up putting them back. Even though they were only $6 a piece, I kept looking down at them and thinking they were ugly. Even if they were free I don't think I would wear them. I am glad that I didn't spend the money.

So, I made some progress today. My box to Hungary is ready to ship. One family crossed off my Christmas list, and early too! I have never sent a box this early. It might actually get there by Christmas!


SAHMmy Says said...

I always find the cutest holiday outfits for the kiddos at Macy's--they cost more than I usually like to spend on their clothes, but the closest Macy's is 40 minutes away, so I get the added bonus of my kiddos not showing up to events in the same outfit as their friends. Petty, to be sure, but I do like them to stand out!

Daizy said...

I did try Macys, and Sears, JC Pennys, Mervyns, and Dillards. All at the mall. I think they must have been picked through already. My mom suggested Burlington Coat Factory but that is an hour and 40 minutes. Too far for me! I agree with you though, if you have to pay that much for clothes they should at least be original.

Meredith said...

That's one reason I love my kids' thrift store wardrobes. I have my pick of styles from the past several years--and from brands which aren't even sold locally.

I have stockpiled enough smocked Christmas dresses to last us the next couple of years.