Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Love Pomegranates

That is why I bought a pomegranate tree. But my tree didn't produce giant pomegranates like the ones I saw at the grocery store today. $2.50 for a big pomegranate. I know it was expensive but after my disappointing harvest this year, I was still craving a juicy pomegranate. I bought one. I ate it. And it was good. The fruits on my tree were small and the seeds were white or pale pink. I think I should have thinned the fruits. Then maybe they would have grown bigger. The tree is only two years old so it probably needs a few more years before it produces pomegranates like the ones at the store. Too bad I probably won't be living at the house by the time the fruit grows well.

Speaking of my house, my subscription to the site expired last Wednesday but my ad is still there and I am still getting requests to rent my house for the gem show in February. It is a little bit frustrating. I wanted to take a break from answering rental inquiries for a month or so. I don't want to complain though. I might get an inquiry for a time that it is actually available. So for now I am referring the people to my boss' house. He lives 20 minutes from the center of town though and charges more than I do so no one has reserved his home. As February nears and housing gets scarce I think he will find some people willing to stay at his place regardless of location and cost. It gets mighty crowded here in February.

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