Monday, November 12, 2007

A Mile A Minute

My brain was working over-time today. Do you ever have those days when your brain can't stop scheming and planning great ideas? I actually looked up bi-polar disorder to make sure I didn't qualify. My mind would not stop creating my own business in my head. I was even thinking about how to start factories in Mexico for my own line of clothing. The problem was that I was supposed to be working on the mundane job of attaching new folder labels to the files. The more I thought about my own business, the less I wanted to be at my current job. That always brings an inner conflict to light. Part of me wants to risk it and start a business that would be exciting and interesting to me. The other part is afraid of losing all of the security that I have built up. Another 4 years and I will be in a much better position to start a venture like that. But 4 years seems so far away.

I attempted to ship my gift to Hungary today. I filled out the on-line form for UPS and then stopped and thought that I should check the price before I went through with it. $223!!! I don't think so. What am I doing, buying it a plane ticket? So then I went to the USPS website. The shipping total was $32. That sounded better. I got all of the way through the online forms including a very detailed customs form with prices and weights for each item. Then the site said it had an "internal error" and sent me to the beginning. So, at lunch I decided to drive to the post office. I got in my car and then realized that the post office was not open on Veteran's Day. Good thing I remembered BEFORE I drove all the way there. So the package still hasn't been sent. I guess I know what I am doing tomorrow at lunch.

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