Thursday, November 15, 2007

Almost the Weekend

Today went by really fast. I think that was because I was standing around talking to people instead of staring at my computer. We were mostly talking about work related thing but we got off topic a little. One co-worker was telling us about her parents' visit and how they spent most of it shopping. Her mother bought so much stuff she had to ship 2 boxes home. The other co-worker is buying a house and we were looking at the pictures and talking about new appliances and improvement projects. It is a nice house on an acre. I think she will be surprised at how many critters will visit her at her new house. Last year they found a bear up a electrical pole in that area. You wouldn't expect that in the desert. She was telling me that they are shopping for a new fridge and dishwasher. She is looking at the scratch and dent store. I got my fridge on for only $300 and I love it, but she wants a new one. They got a good deal on the house so they have money left over to buy better appliances.

I am in a good mood today. I love this time of year. The weather is beautiful, around 80 degrees. I am ahead in my Christmas shopping and I am very excited about my bead class on Saturday. I have high hopes that it will be something I can grow in to a business. Maybe next year I will be selling my necklaces!

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