Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Splurge Confession!

I spent $130 today...on myself! I signed up for a class on glass bead making this Saturday. I should have waited until the end of the month to make sure that I had money left over in my budget but the next class isn't until December and I am going to be busy that weekend moving out of my house.

I have been watching and ogling these community classes in the college catalog for years now. This glass bead class looks particularly interesting because it doesn't require a lot of supplies, just a butane torch and glass rods. One of my co-workers mentioned that she was going to buy glass beads to make necklaces for her nieces. I told her I wanted to take the class and she said hurry up and take it so she can buy beads from me. Then my boss told me I should make and sell jewelry, totally out of the blue. I don't even wear jewelry. He just knows someone who does it and thought I would be good at it.

I decided that next year I should start taking some of the classes that I am interested in so I looked up the schedule today. The glass bead class is offered through a local stained glass store and it is only one Saturday for 5 hours. I went to the store's website and they offered the class for $10 less than through the college and there was a class this Saturday. The only thing that I have planned for this Saturday is to look for craft kits at Michael's art supply store, a very dangerous place for me to shop. I am a habitual hoarder of art supplies. I have many money making art schemes but so far I haven't put any in to motion. That is another one of my goals for next year. First goal, rent out my house full time so that I can settle in to my RV and have time for other hobbies. Second goal, sell creations at the local craft market on Saturdays and make hobby pay for itself. Or even better, make a profit.

Hopefully this class will help me meet other people in the community who can help me meet my goals. Connections are very important and I need to get out more anyway. I have been in this town for over a year and I should be more involved. And if I am good at bead making maybe I will create another gift for someone for Christmas.

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