Friday, November 16, 2007

Sneaky Little Bills

Since I restarted and then cancelled my home phone for the renters that were here in October, I had not seen a new Qwest bill. I have internet service with them so I should still be getting bills. Plus, whenever I start or cancel a service there are always strange fees or prorated charges that I can't understand. Well, today I got the bill. $134! Ironically that is almost the same amount as the bead class that I signed up for which made me feel a little panicked. Maybe I should have waited until I was sure that the money was there. Anyway, I still have extra money this month so I don't have to worry...yet. I called Qwest and asked them to explain the bill. I was sure they would have a logical explanation or at least something logical to them. To my surprise they decided that they were at fault and they credited my account $44! The rest of the bill, they said, was the partial phone bill for October and 2 months of $36 internet access. I guess I can live with that.

On a side note, my boss left for the holidays and gave me the perishable food from his house. I got half a loaf of wheat bread, a package of mini pita breads, a grapefruit, orange and some apples. Now I REALLY need to bake an apple pie this weekend!

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