Monday, November 5, 2007

Advertising Dilemma

It's time to renew my subscription to the on-line rental site for my house. It is a very useful tool during the busy months. There is a calendar to update reserved dates, pictures and other important information. The problem is that this past year I didn't get any renters between March and October. That was a lot of un-rented time. I can't seem to convince myself to renew for another year. For one thing, I only have the option to renew for the entire year at $300. Since I probably won't get any more renters after March again it doesn't seem worth it.

There is another site that I can use which only costs $80 for 3 months. It doesn't have as much visibility since it is only one web site. The other subscription included advertising on 4 sites. I think I will try the cheaper web site and use other advertising tools like craiglist and the local newspaper too.

I really wish my house had sold so that I don't have to be a landlord. I can pay someone to manage my property but they charge $100 a month and $200 a year for administration fees and advertising. I am going to try to find a long term tenant using all of the internet screening tools available and hopefully I won't have a bad experience.

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