Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Temptations in The Mail

I was looking through the mail and spotted a letter from my bank. I opened it and found a "wonderful opportunity" inside. I qualified for a $2,000 holiday loan. Ok, so I didn't think it was that great. More like a wonderful opportunity to go in to debt. I am a little annoyed that they would send me junk mail like that. They already have a no questions asked $1500 line of credit attached to my account. This offer might be very tempting to someone who wants to splurge during the holidays. And of course, it is never as much fun afterwards to pay it back for the rest of the year. How quickly someone could get behind on their bills just to have a little fun that they "deserve". That is sad that they would dangle that offer in front of people. I am not happy with my bank for other reasons. I opened the account so that I would have a local bank but a few months later they closed and moved down the street to a very inconvenient place for me to get to. As soon as they built a bank out near my property I want to change banks. Right now there is only a gas station but a grocery store and a bank are in progress. They probably won't be finished for another year because of utility issues but I still have hope.

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