Sunday, October 7, 2007

Time to Get Organized, Again

I spent much of the day unloading the bags that I hauled back from my RV. Everything is back in its place again. I really need to try to eat some of the food that I just hauled 40 miles for no reason. I have seen that can of baked beans too many times, and how did I accumulate 9 single servings of applesauce and 8 cake mixes? I also put away all of the laundry and linens and even balanced both of my checkbooks. It is nice to be back and since the house isn't on the market anymore, it is nice to be able to leave things out if I want to. It is also nice to have a full size fridge that stays at the right temperature and a washer and dryer. I certainly do appreciate those things, like running water, toilets without holding tanks and trash pick up.

That doesn't mean that I have forgotten my dream to retire early. I still plan to rent out my house full time after the tourist season which means I will be living in my RV again. But then, when my house is rented, I will be able to save $800 a month! That will be worth a little inconvenience. Plus I will have a little bit of money to improve my living conditions, for instance, I will figure out how to hook up a washer and dryer out in my garage and if I have the money, I will have a well drilled so I don't have to rely on rain water. I will still have to get used to neighbors like this:

And visitors like this walking stick bug. He must have been four or five inches long!

But I will always enjoy sunsets like this:

I have one week of work and then I am off to Washington State to visit my parents and sister and my nieces and nephews. Gee, I hope I can still post on my blog when I am there. This is my first week off of work since I started this job last December. I am excited to get away for a little while.

I hope you all have a great week!

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