Monday, October 8, 2007

Bye Bye Goes the Phone, Again

Since my rental guests are gone and I only started up the home phone for their convenience, I decided to call the phone company and see if I could put it on a vacation hold so that I wouldn't have to pay the whole amount every month. I don't want the phone. I only get calls from telemarketers anyway. The customer service fellow suggested that I cancel the phone and keep my internet on a separate data-only line like I had before. I wasn't sure that I wanted to cancel because last time I did that it cost me $35 for a reconnection fee. This time he promised that the fee would be waived if I ever wanted to reconnect and he said he put a note on my account saying that. I want to believe him but only time will tell. I am glad that I won't have to pay for the phone now and I hope my next guests will have cell phones so that they won't need to use my phone. So far my next guest won't arrive until January so I will get at least 3 months without a phone bill. That money was not in my budget. It would have to come out of my rental money.

And speaking of money not in my budget, I was excited to get my September electric bill because I was sure it would be lower than August. August was $20 less than July and September was cooler than August. But wouldn't you know it? It was $10 more! Most likely my house guests had the AC cranked on high. Oh well, October will definitely be lower. I am sure of it.

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