Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hello Again!

Well, I am back in my house. My guests are gone and they only broke 2 glasses. They even vacuumed and washed their bedding. They were pretty good renters. I really hate moving but it was worth it to pay off that big $1100 bill. At least it is mostly paid off. I have $50 left to pay but I just got my last bill for the skin cancers, it's another $204. I should be able to take care of that with October's budget money. I was looking forward to finally being able to save some money again but now it looks like I won't have the bills paid off until November and then I should start saving for Christmas presents.

Anyway, that first week in my RV was rough. The second week was much better. Things were working properly and the weather was cooler. I was sad to leave. Some people have reserved the house for a month at the end of next January. I hope I get a few more guest before that.

I tried not to bring as much stuff back to the house but it still seems like a ton of bags. I just got my computer hooked up again. I made it through my internet withdrawls, now I can get addicted again. It is so nice and convenient to have it set up in my kitchen. Going to the library last week to use the internet was ok but there were some young kids, maybe 8 or 10 years old and they were loud. They kept turning on the sound while they were playing games and videos and arguing back and forth. If their parent's thought they couldn't get in to trouble at the library, they were wrong. And I wouldn't want my kids watching those hip hop/gansta rap videos.

I am very glad to be back on my blog. Thanks for being patient for the last 2 weeks!


Tri-Gal said...

It is so nice to see you online again!

Daizy said...

Thank you! It is great to have this creative outlet and to be able to share my thoughts with everyone again.