Saturday, September 29, 2007

Made it to the Library!

Well, I have lots of chores to do in and around my RV but I really wanted to post on my blog. The library is 30 minutes away and I only get 60 minutes on the internet but I am happy to have the chance to post something.

This week has been crazy. My house guests arrived and promptly locked themselves out of the house. I forgot to explain how to lock my elelctronic lock so they locked the door knob instead and I didn't give them a key for the door knob. I am a bit rusty at giving directions to renters. I was hoping I wouldn't have to be a landlord again. Anyway, they are nice people and I hope they don't have any more problems. The weather is going to be 95 all week. They probably have the AC cranked on high since they are from Idaho.

After moving in to my RV my allergies attacked. It was very dusty in there. I have been cleaning a little bit everyday but it is hard to do because there are so many bags everywhere. That is on my chore list. Clean and organize.

My water system is challenging me. I can't seem to get enough water pressure for a shower so I have had to pour bottles of water over my head to wash my hair. The next day I tried to increase the pressure but I only succeeded in exploding the water filter. This prompted me to run inside, take a super quick bottle shower and then fill up all of the containers in the house before all of the water leaked outside. Then last night I put on a new filter and tried to fill the pressure tank again only to find that the hose had come loose and was leaking everywhere. In order to fix the hose I had to empty the pressure tank again and this meant re-filling all of my containers with water. I had almost emptied all of those containers when I did the dishes last night. Now they are full again. So, after all of the water pressure was gone I unhooked the hose, re-applied teflon tape, srewed everything back together and made sure that the hose was hanging on the opposite side of the spigot this time so that the weight of the hose didn't cause it to unscrew. This time the weight of the hose will keep it screwed tight. Now I used up all of the water in my holding tank and I have to refill it to see if my repairs were successfull. Filling the water tank is a long chore that I don't feel like doing when it is 95 degrees which is why I am here at the library instead of filling my water tank. Ah, the rural life. I sure will appreciate my house when I move back in next weekend! Running water! Hot showers with water pressure! Flushing toilets! Trash service! A dependable fridge! That will be exciting!

I won't be able to post until next Saturday. My guests leave on Friday so I will be able to bring my computer back to the house on Saturday. I can make it one more week. I will probably have everything in my RV running well by then, just in time to leave it again.

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