Monday, October 29, 2007

Those Little Inflation Surprises

I suppose inflation shouldn't be a surprise but for some reason I don't want to accept it. Bills should decrease every year because I am a loyal customer and they value my prompt payment right? That usually happens with my car insurance except this year when they promised it would go down but it went up for me instead. Oh, they said, I guess the "average" bill went down. Well, thanks, but that doesn't help me. Then my sewer bill "re-adjusted". Only $5 a month but still, I didn't see that coming. New home owner syndrome I guess. I'm still learning. The electric company has been sending out warning that it is raising it's rates. That will be painful especially during air conditioner season.

Today I paid my property tax for my piece of land. I guess the property values rose out there too so I have to pay more. Only $6 a month more but that equals $72 for last year which I had not budgeted. So I had to take $72 out of this month. I am happy to say that after paying off my last medical bill I did have left over money to pay the extra property tax. I am glad that I didn't go on a shopping spree (other than Christmas shopping which doesn't count). I also have to subtract $6 a month from my monthly budget. I like to keep my budget (not counting the mortgage) at $700 even. I have $38 in my misc. category which increases or decreases as the bills fluctuate. If I ever use up that $38 I'll have to cancel something like cable TV...eek! Actually, when I permanently move out to my property my bills will be lower and I will have more money available to fix the place up. At least that is the plan.

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