Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Thrift Store Gifts

Here's a picture of some of the kids clothes I bought yesterday. I will bring them up north at Christmas time and hopefully they will fit.

One of my problems with over-spending on presents comes from the fact that I am not sure if what I bought will fit or is exactly what they want so I seem to buy a whole bunch of back-up gifts. And then, if I have collected too many gifts for one person I will keep some of them until their birthday. But, since I have forgotten how much the gifts cost, I think that I have to go out an BUY another gift because the one that I have doesn't count because I didn't pay for it right then. Also, if I find something on super-sale or maybe something was free, I buy more to make all of the gifts worth at least $20. That is bad too because then I might have one $20 gift for one person and 10 gifts that equal $20 for another. Then I have to buy more to even out the NUMBER of gifts. Crazy, I know. After a while kids stop appreciating what they get and just start comparing their gifts to their siblings and then they are unhappy. That is not the kind of attitude that I am looking to encourage. So I must try to restrain myself, not only for my bank account's sake but for the children as well.

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