Saturday, October 27, 2007

Half Off Day at the Thrift Store

I love it when I get to the thrift store and find out they are having their dollar days or half off clothes days. Today was a half off clothes day and I went a little crazy. I came home home with around 35 items for $47! Most items were marked $2 or $3 so I got them for $1 or $1.50. I had to take two trips to the cash register because I couldn't carry all of those clothes.

I went through almost every rack that they had looking for clothes for myself, my sister and/or her girls. I say and/or because if it doesn't fit me or look good on me I give it to my sister and if she doesn't like it then it goes down the line until someone claims it as their own. I did get some kid clothes but kid clothes are harder to find without flaws or stains. I wonder if they secretly think I am the crazy "thrift store aunt" and quietly return the clothes to the thrift store when I leave? Hmmm.

When I got home I removed all of the tags and read the washing instructions. I never take clothes to the dry cleaner so if it can't be washed in the washing machine or hand washed, it will have a very short life at my house. One sweater (the purple one in the picture) is cashmere and said dry clean only. I decided to hand wash it which was ok but then I put it on low heat in the dryer. I checked on it and it looked like the seams were shrinking. Luckily it was still very wet so I took it out, stretched out the seams a little and hung it to dry. I think it will be ok. It needs a little TLC with my sweater-ball eating machine, but other than that, I hope one of my nieces likes it. The blue vest in the picture said wash in the washing machine but don't spin so I did that but yikes, all of the stuffing clumped up. It fluffed up a little in the dryer but I took it out before it was totally dry (which is why it looks two-toned in the picture) and massaged the stuffing around. I was sure I had killed it when it came out of the washer but I think it will look ok with a little more stuffing re-distribution.

I have two more loads that need to dry and then I will try everything on and separate my stuff from the stuff to pass-on. I am glad I have some new sweaters to wear to work for the fall. I am tired of my summer wardrobe. It is still 90 degrees outside but I know it will get cooler soon, I just have to wait another week or two.


Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Kim (duh, right?). I've always been a lurker (pretty sure I found your blog through Frugal Hacks) and never one who comments anywhere, but I just couldn't resist here. For the vest, if it isn't already completely dried, throw a tennis ball in the dryer with it. My winter coat is the same way and it really seems to work. Just a suggestion and even if you can't use it now, it might help in the future. Or to pass on to someone else.

I really enjoy your blog and find it very encouraging. I'm 24, barely out of college and on my own, so I can relate to many things you talk about. Thank you! :)

Daizy said...

Hello Kim,
Thanks so much for your comment. I will remember that trick next time I try washing something with stuffing.

You are very smart to be concerned about money at a young age. I managed to stay out of debt except for student loans but I didn't start reading books on personal finance until I had a real job at age 26, then I started planning my early retirement!

Good luck with your journey.