Friday, October 26, 2007

Another 30 Minutes of Power Shopping

We had someone visiting from another affiliated office today. She wanted to buy a souvenir for her daughter before she left and I pounced on that chance to show her the Lisa Frank outlet store. Not many people know that it exists. It is their corporate headquarters and they have their warehouse full of over-stocked Lisa Frank merchandise at marked down prices. For those who don't know, Lisa Frank is brightly colored and glittery school supplies, clothing, stuffed animals, stickers etc... for girls. Now I never liked Lisa Frank stuff when I was a kid. Too much pink for me, but my nieces love the stuff and I can get inexpensive gifts for at least 3 of the girls. I bought a few things today and I plan to go back once I narrow my list. Unfortunately, they are only open 9-5 Mon-Fri so quick trips at lunch is the best I can do.

My co-workers and I are planning to map out our area to find the good stores within lunch break distance. So far we have the little outlet store that we went to yesterday, there is also a toy store in the same building which will have to be a separate trip. I want to go to the Habitat building supply store too. It is close and if I am lucky there might be something that would make a nice present. The only other nearby stores that I can think of are the dollar store and Ace Hardware. Well, maybe I should just plan my gifts around those stores. The kids get toys and clothes and the adults get tools and clothes. Hey, that's not a bad idea!

And don't worry, I haven't blown my budget yet. Christmas gift money is in a separate budget catagory which I have been contributing to every month. So it is ok if I shop, I just need to make sure I plan wisely so that the last people on the list won't get hand-made toilet paper roll angels again. I'm kidding of course, I haven't made toilet paper roll angels since I was 9 years old!

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