Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lunch Break Shopping

A couple of us ran off to a nearby outlet store at lunch time today. 7 minutes to get there, 15 minutes to power shop and 7 minutes to get back left us a few minutes to eat lunch when we got back to work. I managed to find one item to kick off my Christmas shopping. I can cross the first person off my list for only $15. I should go back there when I have more time because I barely looked at the kids clothes and didn't get to look at the toys at all. Only 25 people left to go!

I am trying to convince my boss to rent out his house at the height of tourist season. I get many calls to rent my home around February. My boss is alway travelling anyway and his house just sits there empty. A couple called me from Alaska yesterday inquiring about 2 weeks in February. I told my boss and he said he might do it so I gave the people his number. I wonder if I get a commission for the referral? Probably not.

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Moonlight Over Tucson said...

Hi Daizy,
I came across your blog and gotta say how much I applaud you for journalling about your journey to financial freedom. What a great way to track your goals and stay motivated! Hopefully I can gain some inspiration by visiting your blog from time to time! All my best,