Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Keeping Up With Inflation

It seems like every one of my utility bills is going up this year. This is really the first time that inflation is affecting me personally. I was really spoiled at my last job. I got reimbursed for gas and received per diem for living expenses. Now I make much less and my budget is very tight.

Today I recieved my first raise at my current job. Inflation is usually 3-4% and my raise was 3.5% so that just about covers it. I should do what the experts say and continue living on my old salary while saving the $80 a month increase. Too bad I need to pay myself back for the money I borrowed to pay my medical bills. This will help a little bit. Let's see, $1,100 bill minus $700 when I rent out my house for 9 days, minus the $400 I can scrape from my budget if I don't shop this month. I will pay myself back by October. Then I can start saving again as long as my other medical bills are paid by the insurance (no news yet). I really hate not being able to save any money. It's like I am just treading water. A big bill can sink me and my dreams of early retirement stay far, far away.

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