Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day

I tried not to labor too much today while catching up on chores like vacuuming and paying the bills. I thought city workers had the day off too so I didn't put out the trash. Oh well, it will be stinky but it will have to wait until next week.

I made apple muffins for my breakfast this week. I added applesauce and apple pieces in the batter with a pecan and brown sugar topping. They taste pretty good. I have only eaten two. I left 4 for breakfast this week and froze the rest. I don't want to get tired of them so I will probably wait another week before I eat the frozen ones. I should have added oatmeal but I forgot I had some. They would be really good with frosting or maybe chocolate but I am trying to eat healthier.

I took some self-portraits with my digital camera. My sister gave me the idea. It is fun to take a lot of picture and then gleefully delete the ones that aren't "perfect". It's fun and free. One thing I know for sure...I need to dye my hair again. I shouldn't be this grey at 35!

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