Monday, August 27, 2007

My First Guests of the Vacation Rental Season

I received my first reservation and check for my vacation rental house. They are a couple attending a local conference. That means, of course, that I have to move out of here and clean, clean, clean. I don't have a lot of things here and I have lived very lightly so the cleaning won't be too vigorous. I just need to dust EVERY surface and vacuum, clean the cracks and crevices, basically make it look like a hotel. They asked me if I have a blender and crock pot which I do but wouldn't you know it, the blender started making funny noises. I am tempted to buy a new one. I need a new waffle maker too as mine started refusing to give up the the waffles. The waffle maker has 2 strikes against it. A bug crawled in between the hinge and died and it is not noticeable but I know it is there and it is just disgusting to me.

The rent for the 9 days they are here will cover a whole months mortgage, which is very nice. I probably won't use it for the mortgage. I will use it to pay down that $1,100 medical bill. Hopefully I will get a few more guests before the end of the year. January, February and March are the busiest months. I am not worried about finding guest for those months. My challenge will be to schedule them so that I rent the house for the maximum amount of days. Last March I didn't know about baseball spring training and I rented out my house for a weekend in the middle of it. A few days later I had a call from someone looking for a house for baseball players for 2 weeks. Darn, that would have been nice.

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