Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Bill is Back

This is the same bill that has been stalking me for months! I thought that the insurance company was finally going to process it. They sent me an explanation of benefits and I thought they had sent the information to the medical office too. I waited 2 weeks for a bill to arrive from the doctor. When nothing was in the mail last week I decided to call the doctor's office because the last time I waited 3 months all the while thinking that the insurance company was processing the bill. I know now that the billing office only waits 90 days before it threatens to send the bill to collections (it would be nice if they wrote that on the bills before they turn that bad pink color and get threatening).

So I called the billing department today and they hadn't heard from my insurance since they promised to process it on August 3rd! Why would they send me an explanation of benefits and not communicate with the billing office? I don't know.

I would really like to pay it and make it go away. I will scan the explanation of benefits in and email it to the billing department tomorrow. They probably won't accept that since it isn't the official communication from the insurance company but at least maybe they will add it to my file and make a note that I am trying to pay the bill. What a headache!

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